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Document How do I renew my NHS Tax Credit Exemption certificate?

No, your Tax Credit Exemption certificate will automatically be renewed and issued to you if we receive your details from HMRC informing us that you still meet the criteria to qualify for one. If you don't meet the criteria, you won't receive a new certificate and you won't be entitled to use your current certificate once the expiry date has passed.
If you still qualify for an exemption and HMRC have provided us with your details, a new certificate will automatically be issued to you within the last month of the existing one.

For example, if your certificate is due to expire on 30th April, if entitled, you should receive your new certificate by 30th April.

If we do not receive your details from HMRC prior to your current certificate expiring, we will send your new certificate as soon as possible. We aim to get the certificate to you before the end of the month in which we received your data from HMRC. We cannot advise on behalf of HMRC as to when they will send your details to us.

Only if you meet the exemption criteria can you use your Tax Credit award notice as evidence until your certificate arrives. Tax credits alone does not automatically entitle you to a tax credit exemption certificate

Please click here to check if you meet the eligibility criteria.

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