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Document Why has my Non-domestic rates application been returned with a letter stating that the amount claimed is 5% more than the amount I claimed last year?

This is due to a control measure. Where the amount claimed in the current year represents an increase of 5% or more in comparison to the amount claimed in the previous year, written justification is needed from yourself along with any supporting evidence before your Non-domestic rates application will be processed.

Below are the typical acceptable reasons for an increase of over 5%:

  • The NHS % that was applied in previous year was different to the current year
  • If your premises have expanded
  • The Local Council have increased their rates
  • Moved location
  • Business Rates relief entitlement has decreased

If you have received this letter but have never applied for Non-domestic rates in the past you would need to send a signed declaration advising why you have not made a claim for your rates in previous years, the declaration would need to be signed by yourself the provider.

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