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Document Information for GDS and PDS dentists regarding Long-term sickness leave payments

Long-term sickness payments are 100% superannuable.

What is the eligibility criteria?
  • The performer's name has been included on a NHS dental performer list for a period of at least two years, this does not need to be a continuous period or immediately before the period of sickness. During the two year period of being listed as a NHS dental performer, you must have been performing dental services as part of the NHS.
  • The performer has been unable to provide dental services under the contractor's GDS / PDS contract because of sickness. Sickness leave payments are not payable in respect of the first four weeks of absence.
  • The performer has been in receipt of payments under this Section or Determination VII of the SDR for less than the maximum of 22 weeks during a period of sickness. A performer is only able to claim a maximum of 22 weeks sickness leave payments every 52 weeks. This means no further sickness pay could be claimed for 30 weeks after the final week's payment.
  • The contractor is not in receipt of payments under Section 9 of the GDS Statement Of Financial Entitlement (SFE) and section 8 of the PDS Statement Of Financial Entitlement (SFE) in respect of the performer.

  • The performer is not, themselves registered as a Limited Company.
Where a performer has undergone one year's approved vocational training, the two years shall be reduced to one year in terms of a performer listed on a NHS dental performer list. Click here to read more online.

Location: Dental Services Homepage >> FP17 Processing and Payments >> SFE payments >> GDS or PDS Statement of Financial Entitlement

How do I apply?

To apply for sickness leave payments you must make complete the Application for personal payment under the SFE form from the NHS Dental Services website. Click here to download the form.

What evidence will I need to send?
  • A medical certificate, or other statement, completed by a registered medical practitioner to the effect that the performer is incapable of work by reason of sickness; and 
  • a declaration in writing from the contractor that to the best of its knowledge, with regard to the period to which the claim relates, no claim for parental leave payments has been made under by it, or any other contractor.

How much am I entitled to receive?

The amount to which the contractor is entitled in respect of sickness leave payments is a weekly amount, calculated on the basis of the performer's estimated monthly Net Pensionable Earnings (NPE), which is usually the amount that features in respect of that performer on the contractor's Monthly Pay Statement, plus their estimated monthly Pensionable Earnings in respect of any Monthly Seniority Payment to which they are entitled to immediately before the sickness leave is taken.

This monthly amount is to be multiplied by 12 and then divided by 52 to produce the weekly amount of the sickness leave payments.

From the 2017/2018 financial year, a ceiling on the Sickness payments a dental provider can claim was reintroduced. The weekly payment ceiling is £1,660 for dental performers, and £3,630 for orthodontic performers. An orthodontic performer is a performer who earns 50 per cent or more of their weekly net pensionable earnings from the provision of orthodontic services.

A performer who provides orthodontic services but earns less than 50 per cent of their total weekly net pensionable earnings from these services will be treated as a dental performer. The ceilings will be adjusted annually to reflect the DDRB pay award for that year (if any).


Can I get statutory sick pay?

Employees of contractors will, if they qualify for it, also be entitled to statutory sick pay for 28 weeks of absence on account of sickness in any 3 years, the application needs to be made through the HMRC.
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