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Document Am I entitled to free NHS dental treatment if I'm an asylum seeker?

The NHS Dental Services regulations state that:

No charge may be made or recovered in respect of any relevant services provided to an overseas visitor who -

(a) has been granted temporary protection, asylum or humanitarian protection under the immigration rules made under section 3(2) (general provisions for regulation and control) of the Immigration Act 1971(12);

(b) has made an application, which has not yet been determined, to be granted temporary protection, asylum or humanitarian protection under those rules;

(c) is currently supported under section 4 or 95 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999(13); or

(d) is a child, taken into local authority care under the Children Act 1989(14).

However as 'Asylum seeker' is not an exemption on the FP17 form, there's slightly more to it than automatic exemption.

Asylum Support formally known as, The National Asylum Support Service (NASS) and also known as Border and Immigration Agency is an organisation which supports asylum seekers.

If you're receiving financial support from Asylum Support or being provided accommodation by them, you should contact Asylum Support directly to request help with your health costs as you may be entitled to an Asylum Seeker HC2.
Telephone: 0300 123 2235
If you aren't receiving any of the above support from Asylum Support, you should complete a HC1 application form to apply for help with your health costs.


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