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Document Why is the figure on my SD86C certificate different to what earnings have been declared for me?

Your SD86C is a calculation of your combined Net Pensionable Earnings (NPE) across all contracts you have worked on.

Superannuable adjustments such as under-performance can impact the figure on your SD86C and cause a deduction to be taken out of your declared earnings. Adjustments such as maternity, paternity and long term sickness leave are also superannuable and will be added on top of your declared earnings, increasing your pensionable pay.

These adjustments will show in the ‘Other Superannuable Payments/Deductions’ category on your SD86C certificate.

CCS Only

You can find these adjustments by searching using the performer and contract number in ‘Payment Adjustment Create/Amend’. This screen will show any adjustments against the performer or contract which are outside of the Total Contract Value (TCV).

Please note – not all adjustments are 100% superannuable as some will be included in assessment of expenses, such as under performance. These adjustments are only superannuable up to the value of 43.9%.


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