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Document Form RF12 – Application to claim back a refund of NHS pension contributions

The RF12 form is a form to claim back a refund of NHS pension contributions. You can only claim a refund if you've less than two years membership.
You can download and print off this form from the NHS Pensions website.
You, the performer, completes 'Part A'.

This form can only be sent to us by post, We will log the application within 48 hours of receipt.


Pension Administration,
1 St Annes Road,
East Sussex
BN21 3UN

NHS Dental Services will complete the Employer section at Part B. Once fully completed, the RF12 form is then forwarded to NHS Pensions to process the refund.
If any contributions have been taken in error because you shouldn't have been paying contributions then the above isn't the process to follow. You would need to contact the Commissioner (Area Team / Local Health Board) to enquire about any refunds. This is sometimes referred to as a local refund.
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