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Document Why is a performer missing from my Annual Reconciliation Report (ARR)?

If a performer is missing from your Annual Reconciliation Report (ARR) this will be because no Net Pensionable Earnings / Net Pensionable Earnings Equivalent (NPE / NPEE) line being included for them for the relevant financial year.

A NIL entry is different to a zero figure; this is where no NPE / NPEE line has been entered on the performers record. You can check if the performer has an NPE / NPEE line by searching for the performers NPE record on the contract.

Location: Contract Folder >> Contract Search

To add the performer to your contracts ARR, the Provider needs to create an NPE line for the performer for the relevant financial year using the Contract Amend function. The figure will be set at £0.00 by default, the Commissioner needs to authorise this figure to add them to the report.

Once the £0.00 figure has been added, the system will refresh and the performer will show on the contracts ARR.

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