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Document How do I pay for the Additional Pension (AP) that I'm purchasing?

If you’re purchasing Additional Pension (AP), this can be paid either by BACS or cheque if the payment is made as a lump sum.

If you’re paying back instalments, the AP can be deducted from your contract each month if you have enough monthly pay to allow this. Alternatively, if the AP deduction is higher than your monthly pay, you can set up a Standing Order (SO) at your bank.



Name: Dental Services England
Sort code: 60-70-80
Account number: 10008497


Name - Dental Services Wales
Sort code - 60-70-80
Account number: 10008500

The branch is Natwest.

Please ensure you use your contract number as a reference when paying via BACS.


Please make your cheque payable to:

England: GBS Re Dental Services England

Wales: GBS Re Dental Services Wales


Pension Administration,
1 St Annes Road,
East Sussex
BN21 3UN

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