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Document How many units of activity (UDA / UOA) does a Course of Treatment (CoT) receive?

General dental treatment

The UDA a General dental treatment Course of Treatment (CoT) will receive are:

Band 1 1
Band 2 3
Band 3 12
Band 4 1.2
Regulation 11 12


The actual number of UOA awarded is determined by the patient's Date of Birth (DoB) at the Date of Assessment (DoA).

The UOA for 'assess & appliance fitted' are appropriate to the financial year on the “Date Appliance fitted”. For 'assessment & review' and 'assess & refuse' treatment, it's the DoA.

The UOA an Orthodontic CoT will receive are:
Assessment & Review 1 UOA
Assess & Refuse Treatment 1 UOA
Assess & Accept for Treatment (patient   < 10 years) 1 + 3 UOA
Assess & Accept for Treatment (patient 10 - 17 yrs) 1 + 20 UOA
Assess & Accept for Treatment (patient 18+) 1 + 22 UOA
Repair of dental appliance
(fitted by another)
0.8 UOA
Regulation 11 0 UOA
(You keep the patient charge)
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