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Document What is continuation treatment (further treatment within two months) and when would it apply?

Continuation applies when a patient returns for a further course of NHS treatment within 2 calendar months (less a day) of the date of completion of the original banded Course of Treatment (CoT), and where the continuation treatment is at the same band or lower and is provided at the same Dental Practice.

Example: The completion date is the 10th May, the two months would end on the 9th July. The same patient requires further treatment which falls within the same charging band or lower and the further treatment is provided under the same provider, no charge may be made in respect of that further treatment. However, the performer will receive the appropriate UDAs for the work carried out.

Continuation wouldn't apply if the previous CoT was either urgent or incomplete, therefore, a new CoT must be started and if the patient pays, they must pay for both courses, even if the previous treatment was the same band or lower.
Click here to view the regulations surrounding this on the NHS Dental Services website.
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