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Document What are the rules around allowing overseas patients to receive NHS dental treatment?

Anyone who lives in the EU and is visiting the UK is entitled to access NHS dental treatment, as long as the treatment is clinically necessary and provided at an NHS dental practice. This can also apply to patients who live in a country which has a reciprocal agreement with the UK.

Please note, you would still need to pay the standard NHS dental charge if you don't hold an exemption from paying for NHS dental treatment.

If you're unsure whether a country of residence has a reciprocal agreement with us, or have any further questions about access to primary care for overseas visitors please contact your Local Area Team / Local Health Board for advice in the first instance.

For any questions specifically relating to eligibility for NHS treatment for overseas visitors which cannot be resolved by your Local Area Team / Local Health Board, direct to the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) helpline:

Telephone: 0207 210 4850

For questions about general asylum seeker health issues, or questions relating to personal medical services you should email your query:


The latest version of the regulations, with regards to overseas visitors, is available online.

Or visit the NHS website for more information.

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