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Document What activity do my Mid Year / Year End reports include?

Mid Year report

This report includes all scheduled activity relevant to the current financial year with a completion date between 1 April and the September pay statement.

The term scheduled means FP17s that were received and processed prior to relevant month's schedule cut-off date.


Year End report

This report includes all activity data (including amendments) collected from FP17s scheduled in any of the fifteen schedule months from April to June, where the date of completion is on or between 1 April and 31 March of the relevant year.

FP17s for orthodontic assessments will be included if the start date of the treatment (or the date of assessment if treatment was not started) was between 1 April and 31 March of the relevant financial year.

The reported activity will exclude any FP17 forms that were withdrawn because they failed processing validation.

Activity performed by a Foundation Dentist (FD) will only be included for contracts held in Wales.


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