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Document What is a FD (Foundation Dentist) Report?

A FD (Foundation Dentist) Report monitors the performance of a FD on a contract.

The report was produced following a request from COPDEND (Committee Of Postgraduate Dental Deans & Directors UK) received by the Chief Dental Officer to help identify which treatments were being carried out by FDs. This is needed to ensure that FDs are delivering an appropriate mixture of treatment during their training period

The report is produced twice a year, the first in December with a follow-up in April of the next financial year. The report is based on the activity that has been scheduled through the NHS Dental Services’ systems for the time period shown at the top of the report.

The FD Report covers all contracts, regardless of status, where payments or FP17s have been processed during the reporting period. The report includes all FDs who have had scheduled activity with a treatment acceptance date since the 1st April of the previous financial year.

The FD Report is available to view on your Compass using the report code ‘VDPRPT’

Location: Reporting > View Published Reports
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