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Document Do we charge a patient for treatment received in an outreach clinic?

Charges may apply to treatment carried out at an Outreach Clinic, it’s dependent on how the Outreach Clinic contract has been set up by the Commissioner (Area Team / Local Health Board) and the University / Dental Institute.

If the Outreach Clinic has been assigned a contract number by the Commissioner then treatment charges would apply. The clinic will collect the treatment charges, which would then be deducted from the contract by NHS Dental Services.

If the Outreach Clinic has not been assigned a contract number by the Commissioner, a local arrangement would be in place with the Commissioner and they would be responsible for the decision as to whether patient charges should be collected.

There are a few exceptions where Commissioners wouldn’t want charges taken on a contract. In these cases the Commissioner should notify our Claims Processing Team so an override can be put in place.
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