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Document What does the performer status on Compass mean and can I amend it?

The setting of a performer status is automated within the Compass system. No manual updates are allowed.

Each status means something different, the statuses you will see are:
  • New – Newly created performer not yet added to a GDS or PDS contract
  • Current  – Performer currently working on a GDS / PDS Contract
  • Retired – Performer has taken retirement and is no longer active on any contracts. "Retired" performers can be added to a contract later provided there's a gap of at least 24 hours. The status will then automatically change to "Current GDS / PDS"
  • Deceased - Performer has died
  • Ceased – Performer is not active on any GDS or PDS Contracts. This won't prevent the performer being added to a contract, when this happens the status will change to "Current "

If a performer has only worked on a trust contract their status will not be updated to "Current " or "Ceased " it'll remain as "New Performer".
Please note that Performer status’s are only refreshed once a day so the changes are not immediate.
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