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Document What is a Levy?

A Levy is a payment to your Local Dental Committee (LDC). Levies are statutory for GDS contracts and voluntary for PDS contracts, performers on a GDS contract can also pay additional voluntary levy if they wish.

The payment is based on the gross contract value and also includes any Foundation Dentists (FDs) salary and ERNIC plus the Vocational Trainers grant. Levy payments are always taken by NHS Dental Services at contract level in line with the Statement of Financial Entitlement (SFE).

Deductions are attributed across all performers because the National Health Service Act 2006 section 113 states that ‘a committee recognised under this section must apportion the amount determined by it under subsection (9)(b) among the persons of whom it is representative under subsection (1)(b); and each such person must pay in accordance with the committee's directions the amount so apportioned to him’.

If you want to know more about levies, click here to view the British Dental Association (BDA) website.
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