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Document What are the Welsh DDRB uplift amounts?

The attached GDS and PDS SFE (Amendment) Directions Wales 2017 were signed 3 May 2017, with a coming into force date of 4 May 2017.

These Directions uplift the GDS contract value by 1.44% and the PDS agreement value by 1.44% with effect from 1 April 2017.

In addition, payments in respect of Vocational Training (GDS and PDS) are amended as follows:
  • No change to the vocational trainee training grant
  • Increase in the salary to be paid to the vocational trainee by 1% ( eg. increase from £2,561 to £2,587 per month)
  • Increase in the service cost to the contractor of employing the vocational trainee by 1.44% ( eg. increase from £5,024 to £5,096 per month)
If you would like to see the Directions in full please click here for the GDS and click here for the PDS.

The schedule on which the uplift shall be applied is yet to be confirmed but it shall be back dated to 1 April 2017 and shall be disclosed imminently.
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