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Document Why hasn't the DDRB uplift been applied to a contract?

All GDS and PDS (except PDS Plus) NHS dental contracts should receive the DDRB uplift. You can check the type of contract on Compass.

Location: Contract >> Contract Search

If the contract is a GDS or PDS contract then you need to ensure that there is a 'Service' payment attached to the contract, however, we cannot uplift non-recurring Service Lines or any Service lines that have a future effective from date.

Location: Contract >> Contract Search

Enter the relevant search criteria and click 'Search'. Click 'Select' next to the appropriate contract. The contract information will be listed, select 'View' then 'Services'.

If a TCV isn't present, the Commissioner (Area Team / Local Health Board) will need to include the uplift and add it to the figure they're entering as the TCV themselves if all other contracts have had the automatic uplift applied.


To help you identify the contracts that haven't received the uplift, we've created a report called ‘Contracts Services not Auto Uplifted from 01/04/2018’.

Location: X Queries >> Contracts

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