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Document Why is my contract not showing in the Contract Amend section on Compass?

If your contract is in an 'Amend' state on Compass then you won't be able to see your contract in the 'Contract Amend' section of Compass.

Your contract will be in the 'Amend' state if it's had an adjustment made on it, which hasn't yet been authorised. The current entry in the queue needs to be either accepted or rejected and this cannot be done by the user who's made the original adjustment, it must be done by another Compass user who has the appropriate access rights.

Once the entry has been accepted / rejected, your contract status will change and you'll be able to see your contract in the 'Contract Amend' section again.

You can check whether your contract is in the 'Amend' status by searching for it in 'Contract Search', the 'Status' column of the search results will contain which status your contract is currently at.
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