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Document Information on the National Performer List (NPL) form

Primary Care Support England are responsible for administering entry and status changes to performers lists on behalf of NHS England. The decision to admit or decline an applicant to the National Performers List is the responsibility of NHS England.
There are 3 National Performer List forms which can be completed. The form you need to use depends on your reason for completing it. This form should be submitted to Primary Care Support England (PCSE):
  • NPL 1 - Applying to join the Performer List for the first time
  • NPL 2 - Move to a different NHS Team (Area Team or Local Office)
  • NPL 3 - Change of circumstance or status (i.e. moving contract, change from FD to associate, etc)
Further information on the National Performer List can be found on the PCSE website where you can also download a copy of an NPL form. 
NPL Form

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