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Document How do I remove a performer who left the contract in a previous financial year?

You should remove a performer from a contract as soon as you become aware they have left the practice, however, if this hasn't been done at that time then you can remove a performer from a previous financial year by following the below steps on Compass:

Location: Contract >> Contract Amend

Enter the contract number, select and click 'Edit' in the Action column, navigate to the Performers tab and click 'Edit' on the appropriate performer. Enter their correct end date and choose a reason for ceasing.

Once this has been completed, you'll need to delete the NPE line for 19/20.

Edit the NPE / NPEE line for 18/19 by entering the correct end date, you'll not be able to amend the NPE / NPEE value as this will need to be done via ARR.

Please be aware that the option to 'Delete' doesn't appear until you have entered a Performer End Date. The delete option isn't available for previous financial years.

You cannot end a performer any earlier than the previous financial year.

Example: A performer left a contract during the 1718 financial year but are being removed from the contract in 1819, the earliest end date you could use is 01/04/17, then follow the above steps.

After making the amendment on Compass you must submit a Compass authorisation form (CAF) to your Local Area Team to enable them to approve the change. This should be received within seven days of the change being made. The CAF is available to download on the Dental Services website.

If superannuation had been incorrectly collected for the previous financial year due to a performer not being removed from a contract, this can be amended via the Post-ARR functionality on Compass. If the Superannuation has been incorrectly deducted for any other financial year, up until 13/14, this can be amended via paper application form.


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