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Document Can I claim a Band 4 Urgent Course of Treatment (CoT) as a Continuation?

Continuation (Further treatment within two months) doesn't apply if an Urgent Course of Treatment (CoT) is required within two months of a previous CoT, this must be claimed as a separate CoT.

The performer submitting the FP17 claim should cross box ‘4’ (Urgent treatment) in Part 5 of FP17 to indicate the provision of urgent care. The ‘Further treatment within 2 months’ box in Part 6 of the FP17 shouldn't be crossed in these cases.

Where the patient has returned for care directly related to a recent restoration you have performed (such as a ‘dry socket’ after an extraction, or the easing of a newly constructed denture), an urgent CoT claim would not be appropriate. Such treatments are considered part of the initial CoT’s aftercare and should be provided within that claim.

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