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Document What should I do if I have received a prescription Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) for a contraceptive?

The following drugs are contraceptives dispensed free of charge:
Aidulan 20 Aidulan 30 Aizea
Alenini Alenvona Bimizza 150microgram/20microgram tablets
Brevinor Cerazette Cerelle
Cilest Cilique 250microgram/35microgram tablets Cimizt
Daylette 0.02mg/3mg tablets Depo-Provera 150mg/ml Desogestrel Tablets 75microgram
Desomono 75microgram tablets Desorex Dretine
Elevin Ellaone Eloine 0.02mg/3mg tablets
Emerres 1.5mg tablets Emerres Una 1.5mg tablets Erlibelle
Ethinylestradiol 20microgram / Desogestrel 150microgram tablets Ethinylestradiol 30microgram / Desogestrel 150microgram tablets Ethinylestradiol 20microgram / Drospirenone 3mg tablets
Ethinylestradiol 30microgram / Drospirenone 3mg tablets Ethinylestradiol 20microgram / Gestodene 75microgram tablets Ethinylestradiol 30microgram / Gestodene 75microgram tablets
Ethinylestradiol 20microgram / Norethisterone acetate 1mg tablets Ethinylestradiol 30microgram / Norethisterone acetate 1.5mg tablets Ethinylestradiol 35microgram / Norethisterone 500microgram tablets
Ethinylestradiol 35microgram / Norgestimate 250microgram tablets Etonogestrel 68mg implant Evra
Ezinelle 1.5mg tablets Feanolla Femodene
Femodene ED Femodette Gedarel 20microgram/150microgram tablets
Gedarel 30microgram/150microgram tablets Isteranda Jaydess 13.5mg intrauterine device
Juliperla 75microgram/20microgram tablets Katya Leandra 30microgram/150microgram tablets
Levest 150/30 tablets Levonelle 1500 Levonelle One-Step
Levonorgestrel 13.5mg intrauterine device Levonorgestrel Tablets 1.5mg Levonorgestrel 20micrograms/24hours intrauterine device
Levosert 20micrograms/24hours intrauterine device Lizinna 250microgram/35microgram tablets Loestrin 20
Loestrin 30 Logynon Logynon ED
Lucette tablets Maexeni Marvelon
Medroxyprogesterone Acetate Injection (Aqueous Suspension) 150mg/5ml Mercilon Microgynon 30
Microgynon 30 ED Micronor Millinette 20microgram/75microgram tablets
Millinette 30microgram/75microgram tablets Mirena System Munalea 20
Munalea 30 Nexplanon Norgeston
Noriday Norimin Norinyl-1
Noristerat Injection Nuvaring Ovranette
Qlaira Rigevidon tablets Sayana Press Injection
Sofiperla 75microgram/30microgram tablets Sunya Synphase
Triadene TriRegol tablets Upostelle tablets
Yacella 0.03mg/3mg tablets Yasmin Yiznell 0.03mg/3mg tablets
Zelleta 75microgram tablets Zoely  
Whilst other drugs can be classed as contraceptives, they may not have been prescribed for that purpose. These drugs must be marked as being for contraceptive purposes in order to be dispensed free of charge.
If you have been dispensed a drug that was for contraceptive purposes, but have received a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), please contact us.

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