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Document What is the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)?

If you get regular prescriptions, the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) may be able to save you time.

As long as your GP and pharmacy / dispenser of your choice is registered for the EPS the GP can send your prescription electronically and you'll no longer have to collect a paper repeat prescription from your GP practice.

Instead, you can go straight to your nominated place to pick up your medicines or medical appliances.

You can choose one of the following to dispense your items:
  • a pharmacy
  • a dispensing appliance contractor (if you use one)
  • your dispensing GP practice (if you're eligible)

In order to nominate the place you’d like to pick up your prescription medicines / appliances speak to your GP or pharmacist before you order your next prescription.

Please note it’s your responsibility to keep your nomination up to date to ensure that your items are not sent to the wrong place.

Further to this, if you’re exempt from paying for NHS prescriptions you need to make sure the pharmacy is aware at the time you collect your items. If you’re not exempt from paying for NHS prescriptions, it is also up to you to make the pharmacy aware at the time you collect your items.

If you fail to let the pharmacy know that you need to pay at the time and it is found that you should have paid for your prescription items, you may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

For more information and to find a GP / pharmacy / dispenser who is registered for the service, please see the NHS Choices website.


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