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Document Why is an item showing a negative amount as the Basic Price on the Prescription Item Report?

This is a result of a claim for Broken Bulk for that item and pack size. The claim is indicating that the reimbursement quantity may make it difficult to dispense the remainder of the pack within the next six months. The dispenser is therefore reimbursed for the full pack initially. Any items subsequently dispensed during the next six months will be deemed to have been supplied from the remainder of the pack and no further payments will be made.

If a quantity of the item from the pack for which Broken Bulk was allowed is dispensed again in the same month as the original claim, an adjustment is made so that the dispenser is only paid for the amount dispensed in that month.

The second instance could therefore be a negative amount i.e. NHSBSA reclaim the payment for the part of the pack that was not dispensed that month.

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