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Document As a pharmacy, can I view my FP34 Schedule of Payments electronically?

Information Services Portal (ISP) - Payment information

FP34 Schedule of Payments information is becoming available to pharmacy contractors through the Information Services Portal (ISP) as part of the transparency initiative.

If you are already registered for the ISP, click here to access the payment information.

Click here to visit our website where you can access further information about:
  • Who can register for access to payment information
  • Payment Information Registration Form
  • User guides instructing pharmacy contractors on how to access the system.

If you register for access to your payment information on the ISP, you will still receive your paper Schedule of Payments

If you have registered a single account on the Portal, you are able to access information starting from January 2015. Contractors with more than one account registered are able to access information starting from the month they registered.

Electronic FP34 data (eSchedules)

The eSchedule is an electronic file that contains all of the data on the paper FP34 schedule of payments.

The information regarding eSchedules is available on our website. Click here to view.

There are two options which you can select:
  • Electronic FP34: under this option you can view a sample eSchedule. It will redirect you to a portal in which there is a link to view the 'Sample eSchedule File'. This is the same portal you would use to access your actual eSchedule should you choose to sign up to the service.
  • Introduction to eSchedules: this will give you general guidance.
Once you have read through the information, if you would like to receive electronic FP34 data/e schedules then you should contact with your company details.

Please note that the electronic FP34 data is not a like for like replacement of the paper version and you will need to develop your own IT solution to allow you to read and manipulate the data as it is not readily exported to Microsoft Excel.

If you choose to receive the eSchedule, you will no longer receive a paper Schedule of Payments.

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