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Document I joined the NHS for the first time after 1 April 2012. Am I eligible for protection?

If you joined the NHS Pension Scheme between 2 April 2012 and 31 March 2015 then you will only qualify for Full Protection or Tapered Protection if you were:
  • not more than 13 years and 5 months away from age 65 as at 1 April 2012;
  • were previously a member of a UK public service pension scheme in which you qualified for Protection. If you don’t meet both of these conditions then you have been correctly assigned to the 2015 NHS Pension Scheme when you joined.
If you meet both of these conditions then you must complete form Previous Public Service Membership application form (PPSM1) which is available on our website.
This form is to be completed by you and sent to your previous public service scheme so that they can provide NHS Pensions with confirmation that you qualified for protection in their scheme. Please be aware that the protection provisions across the UK public service pension schemes are not the same.

To view a list of eligible public service pension schemes in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland please see the related article below: ‘Which public service schemes are classed as eligible schemes for protection purposes?’
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