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Document Which dispensing / prescribing tokens need to be sent in for EPS Release 2 prescriptions?

Tokens are submitted for exemption checking purposes and for a record of the paid declaration made by patients.  Patients can sign either the prescribing or dispensing token and only the signed one needs to be submitted.

Therefore, the only tokens we would not require are for patients who are age exempt (60 and over or under 16) as this exemption is automatically captured through the patient’s date of birth.
You should make sure that you tick the box on the FP34 to indicate that tokens have been sent in and that they are kept separate at the top of your end of month batch as they aren’t processed.

Schedule 2 and 3 CDs

Exemptions Prescription contains a Schedule 2 or 3 CD Prescription does not contain a Schedule 2 or 3 CD
Age exempt
- is under 16 years of age
- is 60 years of age or over
Send 'signed Schedule 2 or 3 CD collected' token to NHSBSA Do not send token to NHSBSA
All other exemptions and prescription charge paid Send 'signed Schedule 2 or 3 CD collected'/'signed exemption or charge paid' token to NHSBSA Send 'signed exemption or charge paid' signed token to NHSBSA

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