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Document What is the NP8 scheme?

A number of manufacturers, wholesalers or suppliers are detailing generic products not listed in Drug Tariff VIII under a heading of "NP8" or "NP8 scheme" on their website, price list and promotional material.

NHS Prescription Services is receiving a large number of prescription forms endorsed as NP8 to indicate the supplier.

NP8 is not the name of the manufacturer, wholesaler or supplier and therefore cannot be accepted as the endorsement of a manufacturer, wholesaler or supplier when required by Drug Tariff Part II Clause 9B.
Dispensing contractors are advised that they must endorse the following information when supplying generic products not listed in Drug Tariff Part VIII:
  • Brand name or the name of the manufacturer or wholesaler from whom the supply was purchased
  • Pack size from which the order was supplied and where appropriate
  • Invoice price per  pack size from which the product was supplied 
Where insufficient information is provided to enable the NHS Prescription Services to process the prescription, the form (or a copy of the original form) shall be returned to the contractor who shall endorse the prescription form (or copy) with the information requested.


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