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Document Can we process an optional extra for a lymphoedema garment if it is on a prescription on its own- without the base garment?

If the optional extra has over-spilled from one prescription form onto another; so the base garment is on the first FP10 and the optional extra is on a second form, then we can still process this. 

The optional extras are listed as items in their own right so could be processed if they did appear on a form on their own. As long as we've got the information required to process the item(s) there is no need to have a new prescription written.

You should ensure that any necessary endorsements are next to the appropriate item; otherwise the forms may be referred back for the missing information.
In addition, please note that when an optional extra is on a prescription on its own, no prescription charge should be incurred by the patient. This is because the optional extras are classed as no charge items.

The prescription should be endorsed as no charge on the front and the back of the form should be completed as normal. If the patient normally pays then the form should still go in the paid pile as no exemption claim will be made.


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