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What is the Z category for on an EPS exemption status?

The Z-category is part of the EPS Release 2 message structure and will be available to all dispensing systems. In the training given to pharmacies this is specifically to be used for the situation where a prisoner on release is entitled to free prescriptions.

If a student (16 / 17 years) leaves their college mid-year but is enrolled to start at another institute later in the year, are they still exempt?

Exemption B is "is 16, 17 or 18 and in full-time education"

The other side (back) of the form says "You don't have to pay a prescription charge if any of the statements apply to you (the patient) on the day you are asked to pay."

If a 16 / 17 year old is not in full time education because they have left mid-way through the course then they would pay unless another exemption applied.

If we accidentally put tokens in upside down do I need to reprint these?

Yes. All tokens must be printed correctly to ensure all the information can be collected form it for exemption checking purposes.

What happens if NCSO is updated throughout the month?

Our system is updated to reflect the change once received from Department of Health and Social Care.

Why don’t we get paid for additional flavours if the AF is in the dosage / directions on an EPS message?

We do not see the dosage / directions field in EPS so we cannot use the information in there to process.


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