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Document What is the synthetic reimbursement endorsement message?

Also known as the golden message or validation claim, it is a final test for successful deployment of Release 2 where you will be given a barcode of a digitally signed test prescription to download and dispense.
You would firstly request and download the digitally signed test prescription from the Spine.
You would then 'dispense' the prescription by sending a notification and a synthetic electronic reimbursement endorsement message to the spine.
The spine will then forward the pharmacy's synthetic message to NHS Prescription Services. This will act as the trigger for:
  • The Release 2 £1000 allowance (Appliance Contractors only)
  • Your pharmacy being classified as enabled for nomination (which will feed information through to the NHS Choices website)
For further information click here.

As of April 2017 Pharmacy Contractors will no longer receive the £1000 allowance. 


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