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Document What is the Pharmacy Early Payment Scheme (PEPS)?

The PEPS, which is administrated by Taulia, is an optional service that enables pharmacy contractors to receive their estimated advance payment for prescriptions they have dispensed earlier.  

Under the scheme contractors are able to receive advance payment for prescriptions dispensed on day 7 or 8 of the month following that in which the items were dispensed, which is a few days after submission of their prescriptions.

Key points to note about the scheme include:
  • It provides enrolled pharmacies with the option of receiving earlier payment of the monthly payment due to them for the provision of NHS pharmaceutical services.
  • Receive earlier payment in as quickly as 8 days rather than the usual 30 days.
  • The Scheme may help to improve cash balances and reduce borrowing costs.
  • Registration is free and there are no charges apart from an interest cost. There is also no charge for exiting the scheme.
  • From 1st July there will be an interim scheme where only automatic financing will be available.  NHSBSA will work with Taulia to provide a manual financing option in the near future
More information can be found on Taulia's website. 

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