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Document Claiming and Calculating Broken Bulk

If a product is not supplied in a special container and the prescriber has ordered a specific quantity which means that you as a dispenser will have some left over that you are unlikely to dispense again, you can claim Broken Bulk and be reimbursed for the full pack.

However, if you claim for this item again within 6 months, the balance is used up before additional reimbursement is made.


The FP10 has to include an endorsement that indicates broken bulk is being claimed ("BB" is now the only recognised way to claim broken bulk) and the pack size that the medication has been taken from.

If "BB" and pack size used is not included in the endorsement, the claim will be invalid.

If you have claimed broken bulk less than 6 months ago and have dispensed the remainder of the pack, you do not need to endorse anything to show that you have already claimed broken bulk; our system will automatically pick up the previous claim and will use up any remaining balance (as per Drug Tariff Clause 11B).


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