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Document Information on out of pocket expenses (OOP)

What are out of pocket expenses?
Out of pocket expenses are sustained when in exceptional circumstances, additional expenses have been incurred in obtaining certain drugs, appliances or chemical reagents not required to be frequently supplied by your pharmacy or practice. 
It can also be where expenses have been incurred in obtaining oxygen from a manufacturer, wholesaler or supplier especially for supply against a prescription.

What can be claimed as OOP?
An example of things you can claim out of pocket expense for are postage, packaging, handling and the cost of phone calls to manufactures or suppliers to place orders. It is important that any charges incurred can be linked back to an order for a specific product on a specific prescription.
What cannot be claimed as OOP?
There are some restrictions on certain drugs and appliances where out of pocket expenses can not be claimed; OOP cannot be claimed on:
  • Part VIIIA drugs which are category A or M
  • Part IXA and IXR appliances
  • Part VIIIB
  • All other specials/unlicensed medicines and imports
Also, only Out Of Pocket Expenses of 51p or above can be claimed for.

Please see the Drug Tariff Part II Clause 12 for official guidance.

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