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Document Claiming for out of pocket expenses

What can OOPE be claimed on?
There are some restrictions on certain drugs and appliances where out of pocket expenses can not be claimed; OOPE cannot be claimed on:
  • Part VIIIA drugs which are category A or M.
  • Part IXA and IXR appliances.
  • Part VIIIB.
  • All other specials/unlicensed medicines and imports.
Also, only Out Of Pocket Expenses of 51p or above can be claimed for.

How to claim
You must endorse your prescriptions with XP or OOP and the full details of the claim; including the cost of the expenses. Any other endorsement will not be accepted as per Department of Health and Social Care instructions.

Pharmacy contractors only

Claiming a fee to cover the cost incurred in procuring unlicensed specials or imports is different procedure.


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