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Document How are payments for unlicensed specials calculated?

Drug Tariff part VIIIB

For Drug Tariff Part VIIIB products, the minimum reimbursement you will receive is the list price for the minimum volume / pack size given. For example, 75ml is prescribed with 100ml being the minimum volume, reimbursement would be made for the full 100ml. 
If the quantity on a prescription is more than the Part VIIIB listed minimum volume / pack size, reimbursement will be paid on the listed volume / pack size plus the 1ml or 1g list price for every additional 1ml or 1g prescribed. For example, if 200ml if prescribed with 100ml being the minimum volume, the price will be calculated as 1 x 100ml plus 100 x 1ml.

When a Part VIIIB drug is classed as a special container, payment will be made according to the usual special container rules. Please see the linked article below for further information. 
Products listed in Part VIIIB are not included in the 'Drugs for which discount is not deducted' list, as a margin has been added to the reimbursement prices of products listed to cover this.

Other unlicensed medicines

For all unlicensed preparations not listed in Part VIIIB of the Drug Tariff the endorsement information is used to calculate the reimbursement. Dispensers are required to endorse the pack size and invoice price of that pack. From this, the actual value of the dispensed item will be determined.

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