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Document The brand which determines the reimbursement price of a Drug Tariff drug has been discontinued. How will the reimbursement be calculated?

When a manufacturer informs DM+D / In-Demand that a brand will be discontinued, reimbursement will remain based on that brand until the agreed process for changing the 'based on brand' is completed or there is agreement to change the category of the generic. 
The information regarding the discontinuation would be provided by ourselves to the Department of Health and Social Care who would consider the matter in conjunction with PSNC before informing the NHSBSA of the decision. As the circumstances of each issue considered are unique we cannot give any indication as to whether any changes would be made to Part VIIIA as a result of a product discontinuation nor can we say when any changes to Part VIII might be implemented.

If any changes or deletions are decided and confirmed, advance notice will be included in the Drug Tariff of the month prior to the deletion.


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