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Document How can I as a pharmacy or appliance contractor change the correspondence details you hold?

The correspondence address is where we will send your payment schedule and any other payment related letter to.
You are able to change these details using the PPD304 form found on the last page of your schedule. The owner, director or proprietor's signature must be present along with the contractors stamp.

If you are not able to submit the change of details on the PPD304, then you will need to submit a letter on company headed paper, stamped with the pharmacy’s stamp. In this letter you should include all the details of the request and the signature of the owner, director or proprietor.
Please note that only an owner, director or proprietor can authorise a change in correspondence details.
The completed form or letter should be sent to our Customer Payment Team department.


Customer Payments Team
NHS Business Services Authority
Bridge House
152 Pilgrim Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

Please be aware that we cannot accept your request by email as this is not considered a secure method.

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