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Document Information on pooled list codes

A pooled list code is issued to a GP practice for the purpose of holding the practice’s patient list against one central code. This code is not a prescribing code and should never appear on prescriptions.

The pooled list code should not be used to hold patients in abeyance (when a GP leaves and the patients are waiting to be assigned to a new GP). Abeyance codes are issued by the Organisational Data Service (ODS) which is a part of NHS Digital. Please contact their National Helpdesk Exeter on 01392 251289 or email if you require an abeyance code.

Please note that abeyance codes are not held on
NHS Prescription Services’ systems and must not appear on prescriptions as a prescribing code.

To request a pooled list code

The CCG will need to complete a performa on behalf of the practice to request a pooled list code. This form is available on our website. Click here to view. 
The completed form should be returned to


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