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Document How can I claim for costs incurred in sourcing specials and imported items or ingredients for extemporaneously dispensed items?

Pharmacy contractors

You will be paid a fixed fee (currently set at £20) for each unlicensed special or import that is manufactured or supplied by a company operating under an MHRA specials license or importer’s license. This fixed fee is to cover all costs incurred when sourcing the product.

To claim it, you must endorse ‘SP’ on to the FP10, in the endorsement column next to the item in question. Endorsements of 'OOP' or 'XP' will not be accepted.
If a product is extemporaneously dispensed by your pharmacy or by a 3rd party, costs incurred in sourcing the ingredients are covered by another fixed fee (also currently set at £20). To claim this payment, ‘ED’ must be endorsed on the prescription next to the item.
Neither of these fees should be claimed on your monthly FP34C submission document.

If more than one unlicensed item on a prescription form has incurred costs when being sourced, the appropriate SP or ED endorsement should be added next to each item that you are claiming back the costs on.


As a practice you can now claim up to £20 to cover expenses in sourcing Part VIIIB and Non-Part VIIIB specials and imports.
However, you claim for the fee in a slightly different way to how pharmacy contractors claim their SP fee. When claiming the amounts as provided for in Drug Tariff Part IIIA, clause 2A,  the FP10 must also be endorsed with 'XP' together with the amount claimed e.g. ‘£20.00’ next to the item in question.

Currently, you are unable to claim the ED fee for extemporaneously dispensed products.



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