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Document Which fees will my practice receive?

As a practice you will receive the following fees: 
  • An administration/dispensing fee per item. The scales to calculate your fees can be found in the GMS Statement of Financial Entitlements Annexe G.
  • An additional fee per dispensing episode if you dispense an FP10 MDA form.
An example of the fees you will not be eligible for are: 
  • 2% expensive item fee.
  • £2.50 fee for prescriptions for oral liquid methadone.
  • 55p packaged dose fee for oral liquid methadone.
  • Controlled Drug Fee.
  • Appliance fees such as measured and fitted and home delivery.
You also won’t be able to claim the SP fee or ED fee to cover the addition costs incurred in supplying a special or extemporaneously prepared item. However, you can claim a similar payment of up to £20 by endorsing XP and the cost incurred.

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