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Document I’m submitting a price update and am unsure which price to input as different prices for the same product are available. Which price do you require?

For all submissions through In-Demand we expect to receive the NHS list price for the individual pack size listed on DM+D.

It is apparent that occasionally within some pharmaceutical company pricelists, the price is actually a total of the outer pack sizes that the product is supplied in. In order to supply the correct NHS list price relevant to the pack size listed on DM+D the individual pack size price must be calculated from the number of outer packs. Typically, this is the total price of the outer pack divided by the number of individual packs within the outer pack.


ABC 500gram powder – supplied in an outer pack of 4 x 500g – Price is £50.00

NHS price is £50 divided by 4 – individual pack price – Price is £12.50



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