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Document How can I register for the Information Services Portal?

We cannot accept registrations authorised by the person who is requesting access

The registration process is an automated process for Area Teams, Primary Care Organisations (PCO) which includes CCGs and Providers, Commissioning Support Units (CSUs), Practices/Cost Centres.

Practices who do not have an authoriser set up can email to set up an authoriser who can grant access to other users. The practice authoriser should be the senior partner, practice manager or business manager of the practice or nominated by the holder of one of these roles.

Other users requiring access will need to contact Information Services on
0191 203 5050 or e mail this includes DH users, Home Oxygen Suppliers, Home Oxygen Regions and those users who require access to Management Information Spreadsheet (MIS). Also other Organisations who may require access at National level (National is “England”)

Click here to access the Information Services Portal homepage, which contains a link to the Registration Page.

Click here for further guidance on how to register as a new user.

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