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Document What is a limited adult dependant’s pension?

A limited adult dependant's pension is a short term pension paid to a surviving spouse, civil partner or nominated qualifying partner when a member dies while in service before their Normal Pension Age but has less than two years membership e.g. there is no entitlement to a continuing (long term) adult dependant's pension.
If a member dies in service but after reaching their Normal Pension Age, a short term pension is payable plus a continuing pension equal to a percentage of the pension that would have been payable if the member had retired with an Age pension on the day they died.
For members of the 1995 / 2008 and 2015 Schemes the rate of the limited adult dependant's pension is calculated in the same way you would calculate an initial adult dependant's pension. More information on establishing the actual rate for the initial adult dependant's pension
is available on our website.

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