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Document I paid for treatment whilst overseas, how do I claim a refund?

Your EHIC ensures that you are entitled to the same treatment as a resident of the country that you are visiting.

In some countries a resident of that country may have to pay a patient contribution, also known as a co-payment, towards the cost of their treatment. These payments are typically for such things as GP or dentist consultations, prescriptions, or stays in hospital. See our 
country-by-country guide for more details.

If you have paid the patient contribution you cannot make a claim for reimbursement for this when you return to the UK.

If you paid this contribution prior to 1st July 2014, you may still be able to be reimbursed for these costs. If you have made a payment after 1st July 2014 you may be able to claim a refund if you paid any additional payments in addition to this contribution.

If you visited an EEA country or Switzerland

A claim form for reimbursement must be completed and returned along with the original receipts attached. This form can be obtained by calling:
  • 0191 218 1999 and selecting option 4 if you are calling from the UK.
  • 0044 191 218 1999 and selecting option 4 if you are calling from outside of the UK.

Visiting a non-EEA country with a reciprocal agreement

You must send your bill or receipt and a covering letter, giving detailed information about what happened to the Cross-Border Health Care (Policy) Team. They will contact the foreign authorities on your behalf to find out what the bill is for. If it is for your contribution to the cost of your treatment, then you will be liable for the charges. You can send this information to:

Cross-Border Health Care (Policy Team)
International Division
Department of Health and Social Care
39 Victoria Street
5th Floor South

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