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Document If I apply for ERRBO within the three month window, do I need to pay arrears to the start of the Scheme year?

Yes. An application for an ERRBO agreement must be made within three months of joining the 2015 Scheme for it to be effective from your first Scheme year. Similarly, an application must be made within three months of the beginning of any subsequent Scheme year for it to be effective from that Scheme year. Any application made later will only be effective from the beginning of the following Scheme year.

Therefore where an application is made within the 3 month window there may be arrears of contributions, which must be collected for the agreement to be valid. For example, if a member joins the 2015 scheme on 1 April 2015 but enters into an ERRBO agreement on 1 June 2015, arrears of contributions must be collected for April and May for the agreement to be valid.

An expression of interest form to apply for ERRBO is now available on our website; once complete forward this onto us and we will issue you with a quotation.

To view the ERRBO factsheet and expression of interest form, please see our website.
errbo three month window

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