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Document Who needs to sign the FW8 application form?

There are 2 signature boxes on the FW8 that need signing, 1 by the applicant if they're capable of doing so / can make their mark, the other must be signed by their GP, midwife or health visitor.

Applicant unable to sign

If, for any reason, the applicant is incapable of signing the application form, the person completing the FW8 on the applicant's behalf should supply a covering letter explaining why they're completing the form and who they are in relation to the applicant.

When we receive this, we'll add a note to the record, stating the details of the person who has signed the FW8 on the applicants behalf.

This option cannot be used for convenience, for example, the applicant not being available to sign the FW8 at the time the application is being made isn't an acceptable reason; It must only be if the applicant is unable to sign due to medical reasons.

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