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Document Which expenses can I declare in my application?

If you're applying for a postgraduate Social Work Bursary we may be able to reduce any income declared using allowable expenses.

Spouse / partner / civil partner
The only expenses considered against your spouse / partner / civil partner's income are; 
  • Private pension contributions
  • Employee pension contributions 
  • Additional voluntary pension contributions
  • Any other expenses connected with employment (if allowable for tax purposes)
Therefore, there are no other expenses you need to declare on the application.
Adult Dependant
The only expenses considered against your adult dependant's income are; 
  • Income Tax
  • National Insurance contributions
  • Pension contributions
However, we ask you declare their net income with these expenses already deducted on the application
There are no expenses considered for yourself, the student, as we don't consider any of your earned income in our assessment.
Therefore, you don't need to declare any of your own expenses on the application.
expenses, deducted

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