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Document Do I have to declare any maintenance payments?

If you're applying for a postgraduate Social Work Bursary you should declare any maintenance payments received on your application form as income, however, you don't need to declare any maintenance payments you pay out as an expense.

Child maintenance

Any maintenance payments you receive for a child should be included in the child income section of your application form, regardless of whether the payment is court ordered or voluntary.

Other maintenance payments

Any maintenance payments received that aren't paid for a child should be included on the income section of who receives the payment, for example, your spouse / partner / civil partner, other adult dependant or you. This is regardless of whether the payment is court ordered or voluntary.

An example of these maintenance payments could be from an ex-partner to support your living costs, however, doesn't include any other student income you receive, such as a maintenance loan from Student Finance England.

If it's not clear on your application what your maintenance payments are for, please include a covering letter with an explanation.


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